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The exciting story of “Villa Galilee”

Villa Galilee, the beginning – 1923

The 85 year old building was built by Ben Zion Bruchstein who was born in Safed in 1875.
Together with Yoel Bershad they established the union of Safed builders and promoted the idea of jewish home owners in the old city.
They build two houses on Mount Canaan and one of them was the “Eden Hotel” which is now “Villa Galilee”.
All the members of the family took part in the management and maintenance of the hotel. The cellar of the hotel was used as a carpentry workshop where a lot of the hotel furniture was created. Today this workshop has turned into the hotel spa.

A well then, a conference room today

During the second world war the British soldiers used to stay at the hotel, enjoying the Galilee peaceful atmosphere… in addition to fresh air they enjoyed fresh water from the rain that was collected in the well and then filtered and purified. The well was emptied during the construction of Villa Galilee and serves today as a conference room.
All the celebrities and the political leaders of Israel have come to the Eden Hotel and enjoyed the special meals prepared by Bracha.
Today you will find 24 rooms that have been designed in a European country style. You will enjoy a spa treatment by professional masseuses and a delicious meal cooked by our chef Gadi.

Rachel and Beni Sivan, a new beginning in 1999.

In February 1999 Rachel and Beni Sivan arrived at what remained of the Eden Hotel; an empty and vacant building. They were looking to fulfill their dream and build a boutique hotel in Israel. It was love at first sight. It reminded them of a place in France. Like Ben Zion they wanted to build something for their 3 sons. It was exactly what they were looking for. Rachel and Beni filled the hotel with their large collection of french furniture and decorated every corner with passion.

“Eden Hotel” then, “Villa Galilee” today

In the Villa Galilee hotel two visions were merged. Ben Zion’s entrepreneur spirit and imagination with Rachel and Beni’s entrepreneurship and creativity. They fell in love with the building and it’s history, bought the property, planned, decorated, and invested a lot of thought and soul.
In May 2004 after a long journey the Sivan family finally opened the hotel. This is how the Eden hotel turned into the Villa Galilee boutique and spa hotel.