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Our Spa Treatments

We believe that a real vacation is one that pampers you from head to toe, inside and out. when you return home feeling calm, peaceful, and balanced. Our spa was created as a source of true pleasure of serenity and relaxation, with the best therapists and in harmony with the special and personal vibe of Villa Galilee.

Swedish Massage

A relaxing and pampering massage, stimulating blood circulation and relaxing the muscles, as almond oil is rubbed into the skin.

45 min. 290 NIS / 60 min. 330 NIS

Aromatherapy Massage

A natural healing method combining oils produced from a variety of plants, for a full body massage. The approach is a personal one, as oils are individually prepared to suit your unique and individual needs.

45 min. 290 NIS / 60 min. 330 NIS

Deep Tissue Massage

A slow, deep penetrating massage, focusing on various muscle tissues. This treatment includes breathing regulation, to help guide breathing and awareness towards sources of pain, relieving aches and tension.

45 min. 290 NIS / 60 min. 330 NIS


A modern, Western treatment in which pressure is applied to parts of the foot, which are connected to the various areas throughout the body, enabling the treatment of the entire body. This treatment provides a sense of pleasure, relaxation and release.

45 min. 290 NIS / 60 min. 330 NIS

Combined massage

A unique massage that combines several techniques. The combination consists of Swedish techniques, deep tissue, aromatherapy, reflexology, the treatment relieves tension and pain and stimulates blood circulation.

60 min. 350 NIS

Swedish Hot Stone Massage

A unique treatment involving warm basalt stones and cool marble stones, to relax the body and soul. An unforgettable experience.

60 min. 350 NIS

Scalp, Head and Neck Massage

A short massage for the head, neck and shoulders, to alleviate stress and fatigue.

30 min. 180 NIS

Massage for Pregnant Women

A unique treatment for pregnant women, from the 12th week, incorporating several techniques. The aim of this treatment is to alleviate pain, stress and fatigue. A robe and undergarments should be worn for this treatment.

45 min. 290 NIS / 60 min. 330 NIS

Back and Shoulder Massage

A “taste” of the spa treatments, designed to release strained muscles and alleviating pain. A robe and undergarments should be worn for this treatment.

30 min. 180 NIS

Milk bath (in the double treatment suite)

You can upgrade the treatment experience and stay another 30 minutes in a treatment room with a pampering bath in fragrant foam and essential oils.


General instructions

– You must arrive 15 minutes before the treatment in order to fill out a health questionnaire and arrange payment.
– Entrance to the spa complex from the age of 16 and up.
– Please be sure to arrive for treatment on time if you are late the duration of treatment will be shortened accordingly.
– A guest who has booked a spa treatment is entitled to enjoy the spa facilities on the day of the treatment.
Cancellation of treatment must be notified 6 hours in advance – no charge.
Cancellation without prior notice will be charged 50% of the treatment price.
– 10% discount for guests staying at the hotel.