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A restaurant in the north – La Marjolaine

La Marjolaine is a kosher gourmet French restaurant in northern Israel with a warm, romantic, homey atmosphere. Heavy wooden tables and chairs, white tablecloths and quiet jazz music welcome you into the bistro. The mountain landscape is visible through large windows and early diners will even enjoy the last light of the setting sun over the mountains. La Marjolaine gourmet restaurant offers rich dishes from the fine menu of Chef Uriel Sivan, who trained in Avignon, France under Madame Morgaine, an expert in traditional French cuisine.

One of the finest restaurants in northern Israel, La Marjolaine offers diverse and changing menu of courses prepare with the highest quality ingredients. The menu combines French cooking with local Galilean cuisine. The wine menu comes from wineries in the Galilee and Golan Heights, incorporating professionally selected series of the highest quality for refined tastes.

There are quite a few kosher restaurants in northern Israel, but there is only one of this tier – La Marjolaine. La Marjolaine specializes in fusing the flavors of French and Galilean cuisine. In addition, as a restaurant in the north, it offers not only tastes but also nature – the mountain landscape and the beautiful green hue of the Galilee and Golan Heights.

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