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Our Menu


Our home-baked bread served with dips – 25 NIS
Choice of soup – 35 NIS
Chicken salad in mint vinaigrette – fresh lettuce leaves, pieces of chicken breast smoked on the premises, radishes, red onions and sprouts in mint vinaigrette – 45 NIS
Green salad with nuts in a lemony vinaigrette – lettuce hearts, baby leaves, assorted nuts and mushrooms in a lemony vinaigrette – 42 NIS
Thinly-sliced sirloin carpaccio in olive oil, lemon, balsamic reduction,
creamed peppers and creamed beets – 42 NIS
Beef and lamb kebab, market salad, green tahini – 38 NIS
The nearest thing to shwarma – skewers of seasoned chicken, roast sweet potatoes, a green salad and shwarma aioli – 38 NIS
Chicken liver pâté, cherry tomato jam, slices of toast and a green salad – 38 NIS
Smoked sirloin, served on crostini and potato salad – 45 NIS
Salmon in beer tempura, spicy mayonnaise, Asian salad – 42 NIS
Pickled salmon (gravlax) bruschetta, caper aioli dressing, cherry tomatoes and red onion – 42 NIS

Main Course

Smoked asado cut baked slowly for about eight hours, served with mashed root vegetables – 90 NIS
Norwegian salmon fillet, oven-baked with herbs and served with a dish of manzale – 90 NIS
Chicken Kiev – chicken breast stuffed with a slice of juicy goose breast in a crispy coating
served on mashed root vegetables – 85 NIS
Aged entrecote steak (300 g), chips and a green salad – 129 NIS
European sea bass fillet in spicy fisherman’s sauce, with wild rice and green beans – 90 NIS
Goose leg in a plum sauce, with a cabbage and beer dish, and potatoes in parsley and Atlantic salt – 90 NIS
Mallard breast, medium-done, served with mashed root vegetables – 90 NIS
Lamb ossobucco roasted in honey, balsamic vinegar and rosemary,
with a dish of bulgur and root vegetables – 110 NIS

Fresh pasta made on the premises

Fettuccini in tomatoes, capers, and anchovy – mildly spicy – 75 NIS

Pasta strappata (torn sheets of pasta), mushrooms, garlic and herbs – 75 NIS

Kreplach Polonaise filled with potatoes, steamed onions and green onion – 75 NIS


Three in one – hot chocolate cake, crème brûlée, apple streusel with vanilla ice cream (for two) – 55 NIS

Sorbet in a variety of flavours – 38 NIS